Global Business Leadership Seminar Series





This year the University of Connecticut CIBER expanded its annual Global Business Leadership Seminar Series (GBLSS) by making it available to the local Community College and partner Minority Serving Institution.  


The UConn CIBER Global Business Leadership Seminar Series (GBLSS) is offered every spring semester. This seminar series affords students the opportunity to earn a Professional Development Certificate from the UConn School of Business CIBER while learning from international business leaders. A great resume builder, the program enhances student understanding of the global economy and the importance of international business knowledge.

This certificate is available to all graduate and undergraduate students. Students may earn the certificate by attending at least 3 out of 4 GBLSS lectures offered.


With the UConn CIBER grant cycle being focused on manufacturing, speakers from companies that manufacture globally were invited to present. In spring 2016, speakers from GE Energy, Cas Medical Systems, FuelCell, Inc. and Photronics shared their international business experiences. They covered topics such as personal career growth, interacting in the business environment of other cultures, global financial risk management, how to advertise your business globally both to customers and investors, changing and emerging markets and even detailed explanations of global supply chains in manufacturing.

Speakers encouraged students to respect other cultures, to be flexible with change and even to form joint-ventures where possible. They emphasized that understanding other cultures, customs and negotiating styles is key to success.

Peter Broadbent, vice-president of U.S. and European sales at Photronics, told students to “Keep enjoying learning. Attitude is a choice. Add value in everything you do. Be curious. Be tough; be business tough. Network for business.”

“People are business, not corporations,” said Tom Patton, CEO of CAS Medical Systems, “so make friends throughout the world.”


Many seminar attendees expressed the satisfaction of listening to business professionals share real-world lessons.

“Hearing practitioners reinforce and supplement what we are learning in the classroom is extremely encouraging,” said one attendee.

Interviewed by the Daily Campus newspaper, a student at one of the presentations stated that “It was cool to see how the company pitches to investors. He put the company in great perspective and the advice he gave in the end was great.”


By recording the seminar presentations this past spring, UConn CIBER was then able to share the sessions remotely with Manchester Community College (MCC) in Connecticut and Southern University A & M in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (SUBR). Through the shared video recordings with other institutions and increased outreach across campus, 162 students earned this professional certificate in spring 2016 (compared to 31 in spring 2015).