Exporting for Entrepreneurs

Exporting for Entrepreneurs is a practicum-based course that allows students to solve real-world problems by developing an export strategy for an existing start-up or small business.  Over the course of the semester, students learn about a wide variety of topics surrounding export management, including but not limited to international marketing, channel development, transportation and logistics, taxation/tariffs, and more.  Strong partnerships with the local small business and venture investment community allow student teams to immediately apply their knowledge to real-world companies facing real internationalization problems.


Over the course of the semester, students have the opportunity to build key business, project management, and client relationship management skills, while at the same time augmenting their client’s capabilities by providing key subject matter expertise they develop in the classroom.  The semester ends with the student teams delivering an actionable export management plan to their client company.  Since the course’s inception, 85% of business clients have indicated that they have received value from and/or intend to implement the export plans prepared by the students and 90% have indicated a desire to partner again in the future.


Exporting for Entrepreneurs is funded by the U.S. Department of Education with the goal of increasing the capabilities and competitiveness in exporting of small/emerging US companies.  The class not only allows students to deliver real value to a specific client in this space over the course of the semester, but also develops core skills that are transferable to other companies as they enter the job market.