Faculty Development in International Business

CIBER Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) Programs combine business, academic and governmental visits, cultural experiences and university presentations in an international location. Participating faculty members, as well as business professionals, gain firsthand knowledge of how business is conducted in a particular region of the world and the opportunity to network with overseas counterparts.


2018 FDIB Programs

FDIB - Ireland Dublin, Limerick & Cork U of Connecticut  global.business.uconn.edu/faculty/fdib/ May 2018
FDIB - Cuba 




University of Maryland CIBER  go.umd.edu/CIBERFDIB May 2018
FDSB -  Australia Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast University of Connecticut CIBER global.business.uconn.edu/faculty/fdib/ January 2018
FDIB - MENA  Egypt & UAE Brigham Young University marriottschool.byu.edu/gmc/  January 2018
FDIB - Chile Santiago Temple University CIBER fox.temple.edu/CIBER January 2018
FDIB - Brazil, Argentina and Chile Rio, Sao Paulo University of Miami CIBER umciber.com January 2018
FDIB - Hong Kong Hong Kong, SAR, PRC Temple University CIBER fox.temple.edu/CIBER May 2018
FDIB - Africa Uganda & Kenya University of South Carolina CIBER moore.sc.edu/fd May 2018
FDIB - China: One Belt, One Road


Beijing, Xian, Douhuang & Shanghai

University of Colorado Denver CIBER ucdenver.edu/ciber January 2019
FDIB - Pacific Alliance - Peru & Colombia Lima, Cusco, Bogota, Medellin & Cartagena University of Miami CIBER bus.miami.edu/faculty-and-research/ciber/ June 2018