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Relational Analysis International Nexus (RAIN)

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Dr. Martina Musteen (center), Faculty Director of SDSU CIBER, with RAIN research assistants.

     In January 2016, Martina Musteen in collaboration with SDSU’s Center for Information Convergence and Strategy (CICS) embarked on a large scale research project titled Relational Analysis of International Nexus (RAIN). The goals of this project are three-fold: (1) creation of a comprehensive proprietary database combining longitudinal data on international moves of multinational corporations with data on the relevant host countries, (2) analysis of the data using advanced visualization techniques, dimensionality reduction and attribute mapping methodology and using the insights to fundamentally contribute to the IB research, and (3) in the long term, develop a practical tool allowing companies to assess international business opportunities in a novel way. At this stage of the project, relevant data sources are being evaluated and preliminary data collection was initiated. Given the large scope of the project and the unique, innovative methodology, we are also evaluating the technological needs for data storage and analysis.