University of Connecticut CIBER

The “Global Business Leadership Seminar Series” is part of the Center for International Business Education and Research’s professional development certification program at UConn, and consists of four lectures each spring.  The presenters are all Tier 3 or above executives who have global business experience.  Above, Thomas Patton, CEO of CAS Medical Systems, says “People are business, not corporations, so make friends throughout the world,” Patton said. “This world we live in is a fantastic place with fascinating people who think a lot differently than we do and you need to be aware of that.”

“There are actually many companies that look for GBLSS certification on resumes; the word is getting out,” said Michele Metcalf, director of CIBER.

In addition to serving as a networking event, the “GBLSS” lecture series exposes students to parts of the business world, for example manufacturing, they might not cover in class said Arminda Kamphausen, associate director of CIBER.  “It’s important for the students to see what they’re aiming for in action.”University of Conneticut CIBER